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PRESWERX was founded on the concept that when companies execute on sound business development strategies in pursuit of projects, and when those pursuits are supported with:

Highly technical, visually stimulating and interactive proposal books and presentations that communicate highly compelling messages based on experience and expertise...

Project-specific presentation training that will instill confidence in your individual presenters, in your entire team, and in the audience you're presenting to...

And the appropriate application of available technologies,​ that will bring real pragmatic value to the delivery of your presentation, your services, and to your client's project...

that those companies achieve a significantly higher level of success in securing new work.

PRESWERX is a boutique consultancy whose leadership is committed to providing quality personal service to its purposefully limited book of clients.
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You contact us… the earlier the better! We prefer to be working with you, early on, carefully crafting a strategy six or more months before the procurement comes out. But alas, we do get calls all the time where the presentation is less than 10 days away. In either case, it never cost you anything to pick-up the phone and call us.


We have an awesome conversation during which you share some basic information about your project pursuit, and we react by sharing some cool ideas! Mmm… brainstorming. Seriously we're good. We'll immediately, and openly, share whatever ideas we have. We're not a ''passive'' consultant. We're going to ''lean in.''


Step 3. map it out

We prepare and submit a suggested scope of services, together with a “schedule road map” of our proposed interactions (i.e. face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings, presentation coaching sessions and rehearsals, etc.). We're professionals, and we know what you expect when you hire a consultant.


Step 4. Work The Plan

We settle on a final scope of services, and then we rock and roll! Expect us to immediately engage. We won't casually sit back and wait for you. We'll professionally, and assertively, work in a hyper-collaborative way to drive the team, and our new formed relationship, toward the highest probability of a successful outcome.

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