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Career Technical Education High School

For this project, the school district was proposing a new, state-of-the-art career technical education high school – a modern take on the “vo-tech,” or vocational technical education schools most prevalent over the past 50 years. Several key factors, relating to the design and construction of the new school, were of critical concern to the district. These factors included the siting of the school on one of two available sites, and designing and building a school that could evolve in form and function as private industry, technology, and in turn, the curriculum, evolved over time.

PRESWERX supported its contractor client on several fronts. Although the design of the school had not yet been completed (as an architect was only recently selected), PRESWERX was able to, using the education specifications and program, devise several conceptual cost-loaded layouts, that simplistically laid out the school in various configurations, each of which came with associated cost.

But these weren’t simple renderings, rather, these concepts were “live” 3D models, the general size, shape and volumes of which were providing real-time cost feedback mid-presentation. The various program spaces, depicted by these color-coded volumetric masses, carried specific cost per square feet, tailored to account for both major building systems, as well as the specific programmatic needs of that given space. As you’d expect, the cost per square foot of a given space was commensurate with the complexity of the space.

Beyond assisting the contractor with communicating their approach to providing the above described preconstruction services, because of the fact that the school was planned to provide “career tech-type” programs, with the support of PRESWERX, the contractor was able to demonstrate its history of having delivered similar special-purpose high school campuses, by building pragmatic, cost-loaded, interactive and highly-visualized virtual reality experiences for each of the programs contemplated in the new “career-tech” school.

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