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There’s a certain art to delivering a presentation, and the reality is, most design-builder’s simply aren’t born “natural presenters.” There’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, it’s common! But what’s also true about most design-builder’s, is that with a little training, they can become quite effective presenters. But not all presentation training is equal. There are dozens (if not hundreds!) of professional presentation training companies across the country, but the secret to successful presentation training in the construction industry is to have professional presentation training that’s being provided by actual construction professionals. We know how to coach construction professionals, because we are construction professionals. You won’t find any other presentation training company, anywhere, whose leadership is comprised of design-builder’s. Our construction industry experience and expertise makes us uniquely qualified to provide the presentation training that your construction professionals need to be successful. Because we’re construction professionals ourselves, when we interact with your team members, and when we’re working with them to craft their message – whatever that message might be – we’re going to immediately be “on the same page.” We won’t be wasting valuable time trying to understand the nuances of the construction industry. In fact, because most of us “came from the construction trailer,” chances are, we’re going to be able to do more than just coach-up presentation-specific best practices like mannerisms, delivery style, eye contact, voice control, confidence, etc., equally as important, we’re going to weigh-in on the technical aspects of your team’s message, offering critical suggestions on what may be best, technically, to ensure the successful delivery of the message by your team, and most importantly, to ensure that the message being delivered is well-received by their audience.


We understand the challenges that are inherent with developing presentations in the construction industry. We get it! You’re busy building, your resources are spread thin, and they’re geographically dispersed. You have little or no time to work on the presentation itself, let alone rehearse it! Let our Preswerx team of presentation coaches, graphic designers, and construction industry-trained 3D artists work for you! We can work as an extension of your operations team and in-house business development and marketing resources, or with some early and close collaboration, you can “send us away” to work somewhat independently. Although every presentation is different, you can rest assured that we’re going to approach the development of your presentation in as collaborative a way as possible. Our presentation development team is going to work with you and your team to create a presentation that’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


Our team of construction industry-trained 3D environmental artists leverages a suite of software tools to deliver fully visualized construction sequences. From mobilization and logistics, maintenance of traffic, subsurface conditions, foundations, structure, top-out, to completion, we’ve got you covered. Moreover, because we’re working with highly customized version of the best software in the marketplace, we’ve got a near-infinite set of “tools in our tool box” to make sure we’re creating the visual story you need – exactly the way you intend to communicate it. Our proprietary process allows us to take these highly visualized animations, and to tie them to real project schedules. Moreover, we’re able to give presenters the ability to thoughtfully pause the animation, and point-out key elements for discussion, without the complexity of haphazardly “scrubbing” through a video file when live, in the real presentation. The level of visual fidelity, and of control that’ll be afforded your presenters, will be unlike anything you’ve seen before.


Sure, Preswerx loves helping its construction clients win that next big project, but what about the long-term? How can you leverage that big win and roll-it-forward toward further growth and prosperity? Too often, construction companies rest on what’s worked for them for decades, without any consideration to the changes in the competitive landscape that are taking place around them all the time. The construction industry has evolved, and the companies that thrive in it have evolved as well; but all too often we’ve observed the brands of many of these design-builder’s falling further and further behind current trends. Equally as important, few design-builders have taken a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to brand identify and management, and are losing out on the exponential return on investment that can be realized by having a concerted plan for elevating and maintaining the company’s brand. Let Preswerx brand-specialist work with your construction company to turn what’s become stale and outdated, into something fresh and exciting – a brand image that will propel and solidify your company as a leader in the construction industry.


Ask any successful construction executive and they’ll tell you that their company’s success is directly attributable to a strategic plan of some kind. Construction companies simply do not grow in today’s hyper-competitive global construction marketplace without identifying and executing a strategy of some kind. However formal or informal the approach to developing a strategic plan is for a given construction company, the benefits of its “takeaways” are easily felt, as they often permeate the culture, and in turn performance, of the company. Although there isn’t a “one size fits all solution” when it comes to strategic planning, Preswerx advocates for a structured process and company-wide commitment to the development and execution of a written strategic plan. Typically, our process involves a 7-step, 3-phase, 12-month long commitment that begins with an exploratory, pre-strategic plan meeting phase, culminating in a one- to three-day off-site (i.e. out of office) strategic planning meeting, which is then followed by a multi-month “accountability” period, during which Preswerx stays involved to ensure that the goals, objectives and tasks that were defined during the multi-day strategic planning meeting, are actually seen through to completion. We believe that a good strategic plan is the foundation for organization-wide success in all construction companies; from business development and marketing, to operational execution – all aspects of a construction company can, should and would benefit from a strategic plan.


Nothing can quite replace the fully immersive experience that is virtual reality. If you’re a design-builder, and you’ve got a client that either can’t fully grasp the approach to the construction of their project, or a client that would greatly benefit from a seamless, wholly contained, trouble-free virtual reality experience, the Preswerx team can deliver the most life-like, lag- and motion sickness-free experience. We’re exceptional at creating best-in-class virtual reality experiences because more than half of our technical staff heralds from the video game design industry. What do you get when you take the best design-builders and “arch-viz” professionals, and pair them with the most elite video game designers – you get Preswerx turnkey virtual reality products and services.


Let Preswerx leverage the experience and expertise of its team of construction industry leaders, the creativity and 3D environmental design expertise of its in-house digital artists, and the computing horsepower of its cloud-based server infrastructure to create and push-out an augmented reality experience, of the construction of your project, to any number of augmented reality devices. See the construction of your project like you’ve never seen it before, by placing a digital model of it right there on the table in front of you – where you, your associates, and your client can all see and share the same augmented reality experience, all in real-time.


We’ve seen it time-and-time again. Your company, and its team members, have long lists of compelling stories’ from past projects. Seriously, how many times have you been in a meeting, waiting for the meeting to start, and one of your executives, project managers, or superintendents says, “remember that one time when… that’s reminds me of this project”? It happens ALL THE TIME. Let us help you take those “campfire stories” and turn them into “value-creating experiences” that you’re going to leverage for that next client and project you pursue.


Preswerx works with construction companies across the country to “design, develop and deploy” physical- and digital-tool kits that put the “tools to sell” in the hands of these companies’ business developers. Gone are the days when a business developer can simply win over a prospective client by talking a good game. Business developers need to demonstrate that their construction company can BRING VALUE to those prospective clients; and they can do so by having the case studies, lessons learned, project successes, and technologies at their fingertips, and be capable of communicating these to those prospective clients with whom they want to do business.


Our team of industry-leading Building Information Modeling professionals are exceptionally well-versed in virtual design and construction. Whether you’re an architect or design professional that needs our team to facilitate the coordination of the various design models, from the various design disciplines into a single, fully federated model; or maybe you’re a design-builder that needs corporate-level BIM implementation training, in-field management and oversight of bi-weekly subcontractor coordination meetings, or maybe you just need to refer a subcontractor to a third-party (us!) to assist in the development of BIM-compliant shop drawings – we’re your go-to resource.


Quick, efficient aerial photography services that are “purpose-built” to capture the essence of what’s critical to your presentation, and to the delivery of your success story. Let the Preswerx “drone team” go out and capture the still-images and video you need, so that you’re best able to communicate your message, with the visual aids needed to support it!


If you’re relying exclusively on photos to tell your story, you’re already behind the curve. Our videography solutions are tailored to your exacting needs. We’re not “everyone’s videographer,” we focus exclusively on creating video content for our clients – of all types – with very specific purposes in mind. Because we’re from the construction industry, we’re not going to capture any wasted footage. We know exactly what you need, and how you need it.

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