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Confidential Central Florida Mega-Resort

The construction of big resorts is big business. PRESWERX was asked by its contractor client to help develop a presentation, inclusive of a detailed construction logistics and sequencing animation, and to coach its team of construction professionals on its plan for the construction delivery of this resort, to its very high-profile client.

Project Highlights

Technologies Employed

Working with the contractor’s operations team, and with nothing more than a basic set of 2D architectural plans, in PDF format, PRESWERX was able to fully conceptualize the resort in 3D, inclusive not only of the vertical buildings, but also, the 80-plus acres of complex horizontal site work. The resulting animation was married to a detailed, cost-loaded schedule, all of which were then incorporated into the presentation.

In the days leading up to the presentation, PRESWERX worked with the contractor’s staff, across several departments, to refine the presentation content, the messaging, and the unique, project-specific value proposition offered by its contractor client. After two days rehearsing, the project team was able to master the delivery of the content – the on-site project team was not just comfortable with the material, they exuded confidence in the delivery of the message.

The contractor’s project team went into the presentation, fully armed with all of the visual aids and content needed to communicate the message they set out to deliver, and did so in a compelling and convincing way. Their perceived mastery of the project, its complexity, and its schedule and budget, gave the contractor a distinct advantage in the eyes of this high-profile owner.

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