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Preswerx made a huge difference. Their knowledge of the construction industry, and the experience of their executives having actually built K12 projects, together with their presentation development and coaching expertise, really helped take our presentation to another level.

I knew we needed some outside help, because we were going against the goliath… 10 days later, with Preswerx help, we went from being ranked 3rd, to winning the project, unanimously being ranked number 1 by all of the selection committee members!

To get everyone in the same room, on the same page, and on the same track, I thought was going to be a huge challenge, and I wasn't sure that anyone was up to that task… Preswerx really did a great job, and really hit it out of the park!

The interactions we're able to have with our clients is the best part. The 'wow' factor if you will… the best part of Preswerx, is the third-party feedback… they help us dial in our presentation skills, delivery and overall approach!

I knew Preswerx had the background in construction we needed… so we knew they'd be able to tailor their consulting to our specific needs… Preswerx added immeasurable value to our process and presentation!

They really elevated the quality of our work… and as a marketing director, that's all you could ever ask for! …having that added benefit of their expertise… I couldn't ask for anything more! I never not want to use Preswerx!

I was very much looking forward to working with Preswerx. I knew we needed the help. The technology was great, but the coaching was superb. I would absolutely want to use Preswerx on future projects!

Preswerx was a key element in our having won that project… they were able to take the minimal information we had on this pursuit, and they just create amazing presentations and models! The technology they use is second to none!

This was the first time we used Preswerx… Preswerx did a fantastic job preparing us… they added a fresh perspective and graphical flare to the presentation!

Preswerx came in with a very detailed schedule, that outlined how we'd be working together over the next two weeks… their procedure was very unique… and we were very impressed by the results! We won!

We plan to use Preswerx on future projects. In fact, we're already talking with them about our next project!

Preswerx did a great job on the presentation, and helping us communicate better… their knowledge, the graphics, it was all great!… and the best part was that we won!

It was a success, we won! …it was the enhancements along the way… putting together the presentation, looking at our delivery through a different lens… I don’t think we would have won without the help of Preswerx!

We’ve used Preswerx for two projects… a $120M parking garage, and another $250M project… we won both projects! Preswerx has extensive industry knowledge, so they don’t only put a good presentation together, but they also provide great suggestions on the technical approach to our delivery of the project.

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