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There’s a certain art to delivering a presentation, and the reality is, most people simply aren’t born “natural presenters.” There’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, it’s common! But what’s also true about most people, is that with a little training, they can become quite effective presenters. But not all presentation training is equal. There are dozens (if not hundreds!) of professional presentation training companies across the country, but the secret to successful presentation training in the A/E/C industry is to have professional presentation training that’s being provided by actual A/E/C industry professionals. We know how to coach design and construction professionals, because we are design and construction professionals. You won’t find any other presentation training company, anywhere, whose leadership is comprised of certified general and commercial contractors, and architects.

Our A/E/C industry experience and expertise makes us uniquely qualified to provide the presentation training that your design and construction professionals need to be successful. Because we’re design and construction professionals ourselves, when we interact with your team members, and when we’re working with them to craft their message – whatever that message might be – we’re going to immediately be “on the same page.” We won’t be wasting valuable time trying to understand the nuances of the A/E/C industry. In fact, because most of us “came from the design studio or construction trailer,” chances are, we’re going to be able to do more than just coach-up presentation-specific best practices like mannerisms, delivery style, eye contact, voice control, confidence, etc., equally as important, we’re going to weigh-in on the technical aspects of your team’s message, offering critical suggestions on what may be best, technically, to ensure the successful delivery of the message by your team, and most importantly, to ensure that the message being delivered is well-received by their audience.

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