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Coastal Trade & Convention Center

The Coastal Trade & Convention Center was an envisioned expansion to an all already successful, but space constrained convention center. With several major convention center end-users (e.g. corporations and organizations that would hold their annual conventions at the facility) having expressed that the existing facility was falling short of their growing needs, the local oversight board whose charge was to update and modernize the facility had no choice but to charge ahead with the needed expansion.

With the existing convention center, and what would be the new expansion, both being located immediately next to a large river, and in an area of less-than-ideal soils, the planned expansion was surely going to present a number of design and construction challenges. PRESWERX immediately rolled-up its sleeves and got to work with its contractor client, fleshing out the most technical details of the approach to the delivery of the project.

PRESWERX created a detailed, technically accurate model of the existing convention center, and also created a technically accurate depiction of the proposed expansion, inclusive of all the horizontal and vertical improvements contemplated by the design. In developing the presentation, PRESWERX worked with the various “subject matter expert” resources that its contractor client had spread-out throughout the country, to develop comprehensive solutions to this highly complex project.

PRESWERX brought together project managers, superintendents, building systems experts, and other convention center building expertise from across the country, into a series of virtual meetings, the end result of which was a thoughtful, compelling, and highly technical presentation that dealt not only with the construction of the facility’s expansion, but also, the day-to-day and week-to-week approach to constructing the expansion while the existing convention center remained in operation – hosting conventions year-around!

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