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If you’ve explored the idea of making-use of virtual reality in your organization, chances are, you’ve realized, or had first-hand experience with the challenges associated with the successful deployment of these concepts. It’s not as simple as walking into Best Buy, or logging onto Amazon, and ordering a device, plugging it in, and having it work as you had envisioned. Virtual Reality in the A/E/C and real estate industries requires that the hardware, software and content be delivered as a seamless, turnkey solution. Good news is, that’s exactly what we do. For these same reasons, we only provide turnkey solutions and do not offer our services virtual reality services piecemeal.


The hardware-part of our turnkey services often includes 1) a consumer- or commercial-grade virtual reality headset, and 2) a 100% custom, industrial-designed and industrial fabricated “encasement.” We use the word “encasement” to broadly describe the different physically constructed solutions that we create, that the headset(s) then integrate with. The best way to think about it, is to envision a mobile cart, or a kiosk, or a booth – something that allows for the seamless usage of the headset, without the end-user having to pick-up a headset that’s simply “sitting on a table.” Often times, the ability to start, end, and even change virtual reality experiences, is handled outside of the headset, via a separate touch interface that’s integrated into the “encasement” we design and fabricate. The reason for this is simple – most people are not “tech-comfortable” and can’t easily navigate a virtual reality experience from within the headset. We’ve effectively taken the navigation controls and moved them “outside” of the headset, making the overall experience exponentially more comfortable to the average person and user.


Not only will we industrial design and fabricate solutions that are tailor-made to meet your exacting needs and use-case, but we’ll coordinate the in-field installation of these devices, ensuring their seamless integration into your office, your jobsite trailer, your client’s office, or any other venue or environment.


We’ll then standby our work, providing you with the remote and in-person support you need to ensure the smooth, headache-free operation of the hardware, software, and content that we’ve developed for you – as a single, turnkey solution.

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