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University Honors College

When this major state university made clear their intent to solicit for the design and construction of a new University Honors College, PRESWERX knew the competition would be fierce, and that to win, a thoughtful strategy, and the execution of that strategy, and the eventual presentation, would be most critical.

PRESWERX worked with a local, well-known contractor to develop a comprehensive approach to the delivery of needed preconstruction and construction services. The effort to formulate a pursuit strategy began several months before the official procurement “hit the streets,” allowing the contractor’s senior leadership, business development and operations teams to conduct the reconnaissance necessary to understand the exacting needs of the university as a whole, the goals and objectives of the dean and faculty, the fundraising needs of the University’s Direct Support Organization, and of course, the students.

PRESWERX began its presentation development effort by creating a series of case studies that spoke to the similarities of the contractor’s experience, related to the proposed University Honors College, and how the contractor had delivered a unique set of preconstruction services on those prior engagements, that were ultimately the difference-maker in terms of making those prior projects successful. Additionally, in collaboration with the contractor’s preconstruction department, PRESWERX developed a detailed budget-model that closely analyzed project cost on a gross square foot, net square foot, program space, and major building system-basis – effectively, we helped the University see and understand the budget, from a number of different perspectives, each of which shed a little more light on where exactly their dollars were likely to be spent.

In further support of the proposed preconstruction effort, and with knowledge of the fact that the University was going to set out on an aggressive capital fundraising campaign, PRESWERX created a series of in-headset virtual reality experiences, that were both “cost-loaded,” and packaged in a manner so as to be very mobile friendly – the intent of which, was that the University could bring these virtual reality experiences to their prospective donors, when soliciting financial support for the project. PRESWERX services also included turn-key presentation development and professional presentation coaching.

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