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You’re pursuing a public-private partnership (P3), or some similarly procured project wherein the private and public sectors are endeavoring to contract in a manner that’s more collaborative, and less adversarial. If you’re the lead developer or financier, you likely have a team of firms working with/under your direction, but you’re “flying at such a high altitude,” you need someone (us!) that’s going to roll-up their sleeves, and get into the weeds to coordinate, collect, process, etc. the information that’s going to be needed to formulate and deliver a winning solution. We’ve got you covered! From early strategy development and team assemblage, to qualifications, technical proposal writing, and eventual presentation of your proposed solution – we have the experience and expertise needed, with this delivery method, to make the process, and outcome, a success.


Developers and aspiring developers alike still have to present their projects – sometimes to private or institutional investors, other times to boards or various governing bodies. Let Preswerx work with you to capture and visualize all the best attributes of your project, of its design, and of its positive impact to the community at-large.


Ever since the inception of computers, developers have been dreaming of the day when they could experience the design of their projects in a virtual space – in a life-like, value-creating, and pragmatic way. Too often, seeing these projects, in their entirety on a computer screen, has meant sitting over-the-shoulder of a computer-savvy technician, peering at a computer screen, either in a 2D or 3D CAD environment, with no real way to actually visualize the project as it would exists in the real world. Gone are those days! Let Preswerx take your project – your design – and let us bring it to life in a way that you can really see, without having to be a computer genius. We’re going to allow you to virtually tour your project, on-screen, and it’s going to look awesome, and be highly informative – both to you as the developer, and to your investors!


Nothing can quite replace the fully immersive experience that is virtual reality. If you’re a developer, and you’ve got an investor that either can’t fully grasp the vision for the design of your project, or buyers that would greatly benefit from a seamless, wholly contained, trouble-free virtual reality experience, the Preswerx team can deliver the most life-like, lag- and motion sickness-free experience. We’re exceptional at creating best-in-class virtual reality experiences because more than half of our technical staff heralds from the video game design industry. What do you get when you take the best architects and “arch-viz” professionals, and pair them with the most elite video game designers – you get Preswerx turnkey virtual reality products and services.


Let Preswerx leverage the experience and expertise of its A/E/C and real estate-trained leadership team, the creativity and 3D environmental design expertise of its in-house digital artists, and the computing horsepower of its cloud-based server infrastructure to create and push-out an augmented reality experience, of the design of your project, to any number of augmented reality devices. See the design of your project like you’ve never seen it before, by placing a digital model of it right there on the table in front of you – where you, your associates, your investors, and your buyers and end-users can all see and share the same augmented reality experience, all in real-time.


Allow our team of A/E/C and real estate-trained 3D environmental artists and visualization-focused architects to work as a direct extension of your development and design team. We’re not here to design buildings – we’re here as a resource for you, and your architect, to add the modeling and rendering horsepower you need, when you need it. We get it, the time frame to produce these visualizations is extremely tight. You and your development team are so busy working on the many aspects of the development of your project, you have very little, if no time, to bring that the design of your real estate development to life, in the form of a fully visualized animation. Resources and bandwidth constraints can also be a limiting factor in the creation of these visualizations. Preswerx brings pragmatic, cost-competitive, developer-centric solutions to the table.


Because our leadership’s comprised of real estate professionals, architects and designers, we’ve got an eye for creating quality still-renderings in a short amount of time, at the right price. We’ve always felt that good renderings are just often out-of-reach of most developers and architects because time and resource constraints don’t always allow for their production. Moreover, it’s fairly easy to achieve a level of quality that’s the equivalent of 60-90% of the vision you have in your head, but to get that last 10% – to achieve a near-perfect representation of your vision – that takes a little something extra!


Quick, efficient aerial photography services that are “purpose-built” to capture the essence of what’s critical to your development, and to the delivery of your “development pitch.” Let the Preswerx “drone team” go out and capture the still-images and video you need, so that you’re best able to communicate your message to your investors, with the visual aids needed to support it!


If you’re relying exclusively on photos to tell your story, you’re already behind the curve. Our videography solutions are tailored to the real estate development industry’s exacting needs. We’re not “everyone’s videographer,” we focus exclusively on creating video content for our developer clients – with very specific purposes in mind. Because we’re from the real estate industry, we’re not going to capture any wasted footage. We know exactly what you need, and how you need it.


Real estate developers are often so busy managing and executing on the complexities of the entitlement and land development process, they’re not often concerned with the overall brand-image of their development company. Usually, any conversation around “branding” centers around the brand of a particular project. Let Preswerx assist you in enhancing the brands of both your project, and of your development company. Investors and end-users wants to know that a project is being delivered by a reliable, sophisticated developer – and since perception is reality – let your brands compliment and support that end-goal.


Our team of industry-leading Building Information Modeling professionals are exceptionally well-versed in virtual design and construction. Whether you’re a developer that needs our team to facilitate the coordination of your design team’s various design models, from the various design disciplines into a single, fully federated model; or maybe in-field management and oversight of bi-weekly subcontractor coordination meetings, to ensure your interest as a developer are being protected – we’re your go-to resource.


Since day one Preswerx has provided hardware, software and content solutions because we knew then (and still know now!), that technology can be complicated, and 99% of the real estate development industry doesn’t want to deal with the frustration of incompatible deliverables and devices. Most developers simply want their hardware, software and content to work seamlessly – whether it’s in a sales center, or in their office. Need clear answers and simple solutions? Call us, we’ve got your back.

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