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University Science & Engineering Building 50 Renovation

When this major state university sought the services of a contractor to renovate, and effectively reprogram, a general administration building into a science-centric building with extensive lab spaces, the complexities of the budget-constrained project required a technical and thorough approach to delivery. PRESWERX worked collaboratively with the contractor to create a plan for delivery that addressed the myriad of challenges – budget, schedule, logistics, and constructability-related – all facing the project. Of these four project challenges, constructability and budget were most critical.

Being that the existing building was originally constructed as an administration building, the existing structure lacked the floor-to-floor height typically found (and needed!) in modern higher education laboratory spaces. As such, and in an effort to present a proposed solution to overcome this challenge, PRESWERX worked with the contractor to devise two “talk tracks” on how its services would bring value to overcoming the stated challenge. First, PRESWERX developed a 3D model of the existing building, depicting as accurately as possible, the existing structure, together with conceptually depicting proposed science lab improvements where planned – all to visually communicate the challenge at-hand. Second, PRESWERX developed a series of case studies highlighting the contractor’s experience having constructed similar “re-programmed” spaces.

Additionally, PRESWERX co-developed a budget model with the contractor, correlating the budgets of previously built, similar projects, to this University Science & Engineering Building 50 Renovation. This allowed the contractor to not only communicate its understanding of the physical and spatial challenges the project faced, but equally as important, the contractor was able to share what they had seen as typically “overlooked” or “hidden” cost for these types of projects. This gave the university tremendous insight into those aspects of the project that may have not yet been fully fleshed out.

Working collaboratively with the contractor’s preconstruction, operations, marketing and business development team members, the presentation addressed the totality of the project, and provided thoughtful solutions to every challenge presented. The development of the presentation was then supported with on-site presentation coaching and in-presentation technology that helped the team communicate their message most impactfully.

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