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MM Middle School

This $42M middle school was planned as part of a multi-school campus site, located to serve a growing part of the county in which it was located. When the contractor knew the Request For Qualifications would be coming out soon, they called PRESWERX to provide strategic pursuit, proposal and presentation-related support services. PRESWERX immediately jumped-in to lead the team in discussions to flesh out its value proposition, and to identify its “key themes.”

With the contractor’s value proposition and key themes identified, PRESWERX moved to work with the contractor’s internal resources, to co-develop the framework to an eventual proposal response. Knowing the typical procurement guidelines, the general format of the proposal response was somewhat known, which allowed the PRESWERX team to immediately, and proactively, begin writing technical narratives, and develop technical imagery to support the written approach to the delivery of the project.

PRESWERX created a number of case study examples that drew a correlation between the contractor’s prior experience in K12 construction, to the project being pursued. The case studies themselves dove deep into the technical complexities of the proposed project – including the heavy civil aspects of the site work, the significant amount of off-site utilities and infrastructure work required, and what would likely be a tilt-wall and structural steel solution for the school.

After having submitted a detailed, highly technical proposal response package, PRESWERX turned its attention to the development of a presentation. Working collaboratively with the contractor’s preconstruction, operations, marketing and business development team members, the presentation addressed the totality of the project, and provided thoughtful solutions to every challenge presented. The development of the presentation was then supported with on-site presentation coaching and in-presentation technology that helped the team communicate their message most impactfully.

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