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Sheffield Mixed-Use Building at Wildlight

When a local contractor was asked to competitively bid and present on a commercial building, that was part of a much larger, mixed-use development, that contractor knew that to win the project, they were going to need to be both price competitive, but also, be capable of delivering a set of value added services that would help the owner-developer to attract and lease much of the commercial space to a myriad of end-tenant users.

PRESWERX worked with the contractor’s operations team to depict the project’s construction, and to show how many of the street-level spaces could be used, or reprogrammed, to accommodate a variety of different end-tenant users. For example, one of the available commercial spaces was initially conceived to house a retail tenant, but with PRESWERX support, the contractor was able to visually depict and explain how that same space could be built today in manner that would allow for potential use as a restaurant in the future.

Armed with this information, the owner-developer was able to make informed value management decisions on the extent to which they wanted to build “flexibility” into the project, so as to allow these types future adaptations. Moreover, the owner-developer was able to take the information provided by the contractor, inclusive of the PRESWERX-developed renderings and program studies, and use this information to solicit interest in the commercial spaces at events held by the International Council of Shopping Centers, and other similar organizations.

When the contractor sat down to review and discuss its price proposal, the discussion was much easier had, and instead of what would have typically been an adversarial-type discussion, the contractor and owner-developer were able to engage in a more meaningful, value-driven discussion.

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