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Boca Bay Pass Club

When a local contractor knew they’d be competing for a high-profile, complex, multi-phase redevelopment of the clubhouse at the local, well-known country club, they called on PRESWERX to help package and communicate their unique approach and value proposition to the country club board. PRESWERX engagement began with a face-to-face sit down with the contractor to best understand the scope, approach, and qualities of the contractor and its proposed delivery, that would set it apart from the competition.

The contractor and PRESWERX brainstormed over plans and sketches provided by the country club, and together, devised a sequence of construction activities that would accommodate the seasonal activities of the club house, and of the country club’s membership. The suggested sequence allowed for the phased demolition, renovation and/or expansion, in a way that would allow for the uninterrupted use of the club house’s various program spaces types. For example, never was there a time when the clubhouse did not have two fully functional dining outlets.

The phased approach to the delivery of construction services was supported by a robust plan to provide preconstruction services in a manner that would educate and inform the county club’s decision-making process. Because many key decisions were to be made by the elected board, whom together represented the collective interest of all club members, the contractor’s role required an a-typical communication strategy. Effectively, any efforts undertaken by the contractor, during preconstruction or construction, would be required to be communicated to the board in a manner that would then allow them to share said information with their general membership.

To that end, PRESWERX, working in support of the contractor, brought its strategy, communication platform, and visualization tools to bear for the benefit of the project. The entire preconstruction effort, and approach to delivery of construction services, was thoughtfully organized and supported with detailed still-image renderings and videos depicting the various aspects of the contractors plan for delivery of services.

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