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State College of Dentistry

When a local contractor sought to build the new State College of Dentistry, on a campus with only one other recently constructed building, it knew it had to un-seed the incumbent contractor that had just delivered that one other academic building successfully. The siting of the academic campus, and of the new building for which the contractor was proposing, was located directly adjacent to a newly constructed and highly trafficked commercial shopping center, both of which shared the same primary access to the adjoining arterial road.

PRESWERX worked closely with the contractors business development and operations resources to conceptualize a staging and logistics plan that allowed for adjoining and segregated access along the shared main drive in- and out-of the project site, as well as provided detailed wayfinding along temporary circulation paths around the construction site, to connect the main student parking area with the one other academic building that was open and operating throughout construction.

PRESWERX then created a series of renderings and animations depicting the actual construction of the project – from existing conditions, mobilization, site clearing, foundations, structure, envelope, to finishes – all to aid the contractor in communicating its approach to the delivery of the project.

This facility was planned to house a number of academic programs, but its primary function, was to serve as the new home to the State College of Dentistry. With that in mind, and in consideration of the fact that the contractor had not previously built a teaching-focused dentistry school, PRESWERX was asked to conceptually model many of the interior spaces, based on information and feedback the contractor had received during its pre-sell effort. The result was, that the contractor was able to discuss in great detail, the costs and benefits to designing, and then constructing, many of the “teaching labs” based on best practices at other recently built dentistry school’s across the country.

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