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Broward Health Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

When a local healthcare system began soliciting architects and contractors for the renovation of what would become a regional-leading Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, PRESWERX received several calls, and worked exclusively with what we believed to be the best qualified architect and contractor in the marketplace. The complexity of this phased renovation required a thoughtful, collaborative approach, that would provide certainty of outcome for the healthcare system, and for hospital administrators.

The project faced two major challenges. First, like any renovation occurring in an occupied, operating hospital, the complexities of designing a new space, that when also constructed, would not impact the building systems and activities surrounding the to-be renovated spaces, was of critical importance. Second, the to-be renovated spaces would require state-of-the-art technologies, the test-fitting of which was going to be of keen interest to the hospital’s administrators and staff.

To address these challenges, first, using as-built data made available by the hospital, PRESWERX provided building information modeling services, accurate, but also, only sufficient enough in detail to conceptualize how the renovated space would interact with the facility’s larger “building-wide systems.” Second, PRESWERX developed highly detailed, and 100% accurate depictions of the construction activities needing to take place, in order to execute the work as would be required. Third, PRESWERX leveraged its internal virtual-reality hardware, software, and content creation resources to create fully visualized virtual-reality environments of the various proposed spaces.

The aforementioned virtual environments gave hospital administrators and end-users the ability to see, touch, feel and interact with the newly renovated spaces way before construction activities were to commence. Moreover, these virtual environments allowed for a deeper level of collaboration between the owner, architect and contractor, and allowed for the real-time vetting of design concepts, to ensure that programmatic goals, at the most granular level, were being met.

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