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Port Cruise Terminals 2 & 4 Parking Garage

When the county made aware its intent to solicit the services of architects and construction managers in the delivery of a new parking garage to serve county-managed Terminals 2 and 4 at the local port, many local firms, large and small, took note! PRESWERX was contacted by a Joint Venture of two local firms, both of which were well-known and highly reputable in the community, but alone, might not have otherwise pursued the project. The $110M parking garage was a significant project, complicated by its proximity to the adjacent redevelopment of the county’s convention center, and the need for a significant pedestrian bridge that would provide connectivity from the new garage to the aforementioned cruise terminals.

PRESWERX immediately stepped-in to facilitate all communications between the Joint Venture partners, and their respective preconstruction, operations, business development, and marketing teams. In the weeks leading-up to the presentation, PRESWERX led a series of face-to-face meetings between the Joint Venture partners, for the purposes of fleshing out the technical and highly complex aspects to the delivery of the project. The Joint Venture team was up against a formidable local competitor; a firm with a long-established relationship with the County and port officials. So, the approach to the delivery of the project had to provide certainty of success.

Sitting with operations team members, PRESWERX co-developed solutions to a number of critical construction challenges. First, was the concept to construct the parking garage, using conventional poured-in-place methods, and to do so in a way that would allow for the first level of the garage to receive a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, that would then allow port operations to continue, in a safe and secure manner, beneath the ongoing construction of the garage, as its construction continued vertically throughout the cruise line’s peak travel season. Additionally, PRESWERX conceptualized a solution to construct the proposed pedestrian bridge by prefabricating it off-site, bringing it in by barge, and lifting it into place (over the existing, operating cruise terminal buildings).

The aforementioned ongoing operation of the drop-off and baggage area taking place under what would be the ongoing construction of the garage, together with the proposed approach to constructing the pedestrian bridge, and the general overall construction of the entire garage sequence, were modeled and rendered into an animation by PRESWERX. PRESWERX then took these various deliverables, and developed a presentation, coached the presenting team, and provided the on-site technology needed to deliver the presentation on presentation day.

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