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Regional Public Park & Sports Complex

When a local municipality sought to design and build a new regional sports complex, in the context of a rapidly growing suburban community, special consideration had to be given to the programming and design of the park, as it had to serve a multitude of different user groups – from casual to organized sports, and from families with infant children, active adults, to seniors.

PRESWERX worked as an extension of its client’s in-house resources to take what were effectively “napkin sketches,” and to turn these initial concepts into a fully visualized 3D model that would be used in the presentation to communicate the myriad of program components being proposed, and equally as important, the park’s ability to “adapt” to different operational needs based on a conceptual “hour-by-hour, and day-by-day” operating- and use-schedule.

Visually depicting how the park would evolve throughout the day, and into the night, made a huge impact on the presentation delivery of the proposed concept. To solicit and secure buy-in from the nearby community, PRESWERX also created a “sizzle reel” that blended the PRESWERX-developed 3D animation, with b-roll footage, to communicate the broader vision and positive impact the park would have on the community at-large.

PRESWERX also worked with its client to develop a highly stylized presentation, and provided the necessary presentation coaching to the team’s design and construction professionals, assisting them with refining and tailoring their message to address both the technical and non-technical individuals that made up the selection committee.

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