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Performing Arts Center & Downtown Redevelopment Master Plan

When a small town in a part of the state seeing significant growth sought the services of a consultant to help it realize its vision for a new Performing Arts Center & Downtown Redevelopment Master Plan, PRESWERX collaborated with a well-known multi-disciplinary firm, to deliver a plan that would bring that vision to life.

Prior to award, during the procurement phase of the project, working as an extension of its partner and their in-house architects, PRESWERX and its certified AICP land planners, co-developed a series of “vignette studies,” the purpose of which was to convey to the town, what the most viable design options could look like. In the run-up to the short-list presentation, PRESWERX developed a highly visualized presentation that made use of a number of different media sources – from renderings and animations, aerial drone videos and photography, to stock video footage acquired in and around the town – everything needed to visually communicate the technical and emotional aspects of the project.

After the presentation was delivered, and the project awarded to our team, PRESWERX and its partner collectively turned their attention to the delivery of services post-project award. PRESWERX facilitated community outreach in a number of ways, culminating in a large-scale public outreach event that had more than 500 community members and leaders in attendance, and leveraged every available technology at PRESWERX disposal. From interactive displays, to multiple virtual and augmented reality stations, the level of interaction, and the team’s ability to solicit and receive real feedback from stakeholders, was unprecedented.

As the team moved through the project, delivering its services, and submitting the various milestone deliverables contemplated by the contract, PRESWERX provided ongoing support in a number of capacities. At the end of the engagement, PRESWERX professionally produced a “get out and vote” video advertisement, encouraging the community to get out and vote in favor of the referendum to fund the now planned improvements.

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