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Hines Office Building

The Hines Office Building was a straightforward, not overly complex structure – but for a key, strategic client. So, the importance of delivering a unique value proposition, to a sophisticated value-driven client, was of paramount importance. This tilt-wall and structural steel spec-built office building was in the middle of a commercial district undergoing significant redevelopment and new construction.

PRESWERX helped its contractor client develop a unique, value-driven message for its presentation, together with providing a number of value-added services that although rendered by PRESWERX, were sold by the contractor as value-added services being offered to the owner – as a benefit to their selection. For the presentation, PRESWERX worked with the contractor to develop a series of case study examples on how the contractor’s local relationships would ultimately translate to the owner receiving better pricing through the competitive bidding process.

The message was simple: this contractor had the attention of the local subcontractor market – both because of their long-term, multi-generational relationships, but also, because of the volume of the work they were undertaking in the market. This “best value” message was woven throughout the presentation.

PRESWERX supplemented this “best value” message by creating a compelling presentation that spoke to the accelerated schedule and logistical considerations required by the project. Using PRESWERX-developed renderings and animations, the contractor sold the owner on the value-added benefits of having a contractor with the capabilities to provide prospectus-type materials in support of their pre-leasing of the spec-built office building.

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