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Hospital Campus Medical Office Building No. 2 Expansion

This complex on-campus Medical Office Building, located immediately adjacent to a large, operating hospital, required a highly technical presentation that would effectively communicate the complexities of the project, and the contractor’s thoughtful, thoroughly fleshed out plan for delivery of construction services. PRESWERX worked with its contractor client to develop a detailed logistics plan that addressed not only construction operations, but equally as important, how the contractor would ensure the safe, secure and uninterrupted operation of the adjoining hospital.

The Medical Office Building was situated inside the outer loop road – the road that almost all vehicular traffic would use to circulate around the larger hospital campus. Further complicating construction activities was the fact that the building itself was designed as a tilt-and-structural steel building. PRESWERX worked with its contractor client to devise a detailed plan for not only the general staging, laydown and primary access areas, but more critically, PRESWERX accurately depicted the size and location of pour-beds for the tilt panels.

Taking this concept even further, PRESWERX worked with the contractor’s preferred tilt-wall subcontractor, and under their technical direction, developed an animated, 3D erection sequence for the tilt panels themselves. The erection of the tilt panels was even further complicated by the fact that the design of this Medical Office Building called for a “step-back” on the fourth floor of the building.

PRESWERX took its detailed rendering and 3D animation, and in collaboration with the preconstruction and operations teams, developed a detailed schedule for delivery, all of which made its way into a PRESWERX-developed presentation. With the presentation complete, PRESWERX provided the necessary training so that the presenting team would deliver the highly technical message with clarity and conviction, instilling confidence in the owner in the contractor’s ability to deliver the project as required.

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