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Department of Transportation Rest Stop

PRESWERX was engaged by a multidisciplinary firm – providers of both architectural and engineering services – to develop a presentation, and a series of renderings, to communicate the technical and non-technical aspects of a multi-project engagement with the Department of Transportation (DOT). Working as an extension of its clients’ professional staff and supporting resources, PRESWERX created a presentation that addressed the myriad of design disciplines, all of whom had a hand in the engineering and architectural design of the facilities.

From site specific civil considerations that needed to be addressed at each proposed rest stop, to issues relating to resiliency, and the safety, security and 24/7 operations of these rest stop facilities, all of those details were fleshed out early through a series of pre-presentation internal work sessions. As these pre-presentation internal work sessions took place, PRESWERX would continue to refine the message, develop supporting intermediate graphics, and serve as overall facilitator to the myriad of stakeholders and user groups – some internal, some external – as the presentation drew ever closer.

Concurrent to the above described effort that culminated in a short-list style presentation, PRESWERX supported its client by developing “presentation friendly” or “meeting ready” graphics – both of a technical and non-technical nature – to support what the Department of Transportation refers to as the Alternative Technical Concept (ATC) process. This process allowed our client to meet with the DOT, prior to the final short-list presentation, to present “vignette” concepts that deviate from the DOT-prescribed Basis of Design, but may offer greater value to the DOT.

In support of the PRESWERX-developed presentation, PRESWERX also provided the exterior and interior renderings depicting the project in final form. The renderings, technical and non-technical supporting imagery, together with all the content necessary to communicate the most compelling message to the DOT, was thoughtfully assembled in final form for the client’s presentation delivery to the DOT.

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