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County Crime Lab

PRESWERX was called upon by a local, well-known architect in the pursuit of this County Crime Lab project. The facility was to be the first of its kind for this urban, densely populated county. As such, the number and diversity of stakeholders, representing different users groups, was significant. From county elected officials, administrators, project managers and facilities maintenance personnel, to the county sheriff and medical examiner – it seemed like every possible stakeholder group had a representative, and a voice in the award of the project.

PRESWERX worked as an extension of its architect client and their staff to develop a compelling, and highly technical presentation, that dove deep into all the programmatic and design-related issues typical of a state-of-the-art crime lab. Presentation development, the creation of related content, and the eventual presentation rehearsal, were all further complicated by the fact that the make-up of the design team included not only the full complement of design disciplines, but also, a number of specialty consultants, all of whom were dispersed across the country.

PRESWERX facilitated meaningful and highly-productive virtual workshops amongst design team members in the days and weeks leading up to the short-list presentation. Working as an extension of its client, the prime architect, PRESWERX was able to build consensus, and serve as the lead content creator when it came time for design team members to put their ideas on paper – in a “thought unifying” way.

The work product developed by PRESWERX included site studies, massing studies of various program concepts – from a single-building solution, to a more dispersed campus-type design, to detailed and technically accurate renderings and animations depicting the various, highly-specialized spaces housed in this new state-of-the-art County Crime Lab.

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