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JM Family Corporate Campus

When a successful, prominent and highly respected company announced plans to redevelop its corporate campus, PRESWERX was contacted by a large regional contractor seeking assistance with its presentation and delivery. Once engaged, PRESWERX rolled-up its sleeves and got to work with its contractor, and design partner, to devise a plan for the delivery of the project. The importance of the design of the project was matched by the complexity of the phasing needed to deliver the project.

PRESWERX first worked with the team’s architect to help flesh out various concepts, ultimately taking the architect’s SketchUp models, and providing all rendering and animation support. The effort required to take the architect’s original concepts from their 3D model, into photorealistic final form, was a critical component to achieving owner buy-in before the team would be short-listed and seriously considered for final selection by the board. With PRESWERX support, and the appropriate application of technology, the design-build team was able to present its vision for the redeveloped campus – and received high accolades for its presentation delivery, and for the quality of the visual depictions of the project.

Having been short-listed, PRESWERX attention then turned to developing a plan for the phased delivery that instilled confidence in the owner that the design-build team didn’t only have an “end-vision” for the project, but equally as important, had a plan for delivery that would ensure the uninterrupted ongoing operation of its multi-billion-dollar business. The contractor on the design-build team relied on PRESWERX to initially conceptualize the major phases of the project, and to depict them in rendered form, for the entire team’s review and consideration.

With the initial phase lines identified, the contractor made a series of minor adjustments, and tasked PRESWERX with “taking the initial phasing concept full-term” – rendering each phase, to a high-level of detail. The PRESWERX-created depictions of both the master planned, campus-wide design and the construction-centric approach to its phasing, were married with budget and schedule information, all of which together was formatted and developed into a cohesive presentation that was delivered to the company’s board.

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