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Gulf Coast Region County Courthouse

This design-build courthouse was a high-profile, regionally significant project that garnered tremendous attention during its procurement. PRESWERX worked with the architect and contractor, together whom formed the design-build joint venture to pursue the project. The courthouse itself was a $50M+ project, and was planned to replace what had been a long-time, dilapidated facility, desperately in need of replacement. The previous courthouse had become functionally obsolete, and the owner sought to replace it with a state-of-the-art courthouse that would serve the court system for the next 50, 60 or 70-plus years.

In the weeks leading up to the presentation, PRESWERX collaborated both virtually and in-person, with the architect and contractor, to devise a message and presentation that addressed the totality of the goals and objectives the owner sought to achieve. Early interactions with the architect and contractor were focused on developing our unique value proposition, and the key differentiators that our team would emphasize and weave throughout its presentation. In fact, the earliest of meeting between PRESWERX, the architect, and contractor, took place well in advance of the actual qualifications-based proposal book submission.

This was done so that key themes that were agreed-upon between the architect and contractor, could be woven into the proposal book submission, and carried forward into the presentation. PRESWERX and its design-build client knew going into the presentation, that the audience for this particular presentation, would be the actual elected county commissioners. Moreover, that their interests in seeing this facility as nothing short of a benchmarking-setting courthouse, was of paramount importance.

PRESWERX supported the design-build team by leading the presentation-development effort, which included all virtual and in-person interactions to flesh out presentation content, the development of design-related massing diagrams to evaluate the spatial relationship of program spaces, the development of operational flow diagrams, renderings, animations, virtual reality, and other supporting phasing and construction logistics-related imagery.

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