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Jenkins High School Phased Replacement

This phased replacement of a 50+ year-old school required a thoughtful approach to delivery that would ensure safe, secure and uninterrupted operations of the school throughout the school year. Planned to be built over a two-year period, the continued academic success of the students, and of the school, was the driving force behind the development of the approach to the school’s phased construction.

The existing school itself, built in the 1950’s, had significant utility and drainage infrastructure issues throughout the campus. Complicating matters was the fact that as-built documentation for much of the above- and under-ground improvements didn’t exist – only in the last 15 years did this particular campus benefit from upgrades that were memorialized with as-builts.

PRESWERX worked with the contractor to develop a detailed schedule that thoughtfully addressed the complexities of the phased replacement, taking into consideration such things as the placement of portables and swing space, the sequencing of the replacement of the cafeteria and associated food outlets, and ensuring that the most complex spaces (i.e. science labs) were built in their new condition, before the demolition of comparable existing spaces occurred. The result was that the school was presented with an approach to delivery that ensured the school would never be without any of its programs when in session.

PRESWERX then worked with the contractor to analyze cost, assisting the contractor in the development of a budget that spoke to the cost of the new school, by division, program space-type and by student station. The culmination of the collaborative effort to develop a detailed approach to construction, schedule and budget for the project, was the development of a highly-visualized presentation, and the professional presentation coaching required to deliver the presentation confidently.

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