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Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Vertical Expansion

When the local Children’s Hospital announced its plans for a vertical expansion, a local contractor called on PRESWERX to help support its strategic pursuit of this high-profile project. PRESWERX engagement started early in the pursuit process, with face-to-face in-office meetings that included the contractor’s leadership, preconstruction, operations, marketing and business development team members. Consideration was immediately given to the likely criteria from which a contractor would be selected, and a discussion ensued in which key themes for success were identified.

With key themes identified, the team began to refine its value proposition, with the expectation that those key themes, and the differentiators that set our team apart, would be woven into the proposal response and eventual short-listed presentation. Prior to the proposal being submitted, and with initial short-listing criteria in-hand, PRESWERX worked with the contractor’s operations team to begin developing construction logistics-related imagery that could be included in, and support, the required technical approach narrative in the team’s proposal response.

With key macro-level logistical considerations having been addressed (like ingress and egress, crane placement, buck hoist placement, and other site-level matters), PRESWERX and the team’s attention turned to two key project elements that required additional investigation and analysis after the proposal’s submission, but prior to the presentation – protecting the integrity of the existing roof, and of the safety and uninterrupted operation of the hospital below; and the means and methods for providing overhead protection around the entire hospital, and at the main entrance, as the expansion took place.

With these details now defined, PRESWERX developed fully articulated, 3D construction renderings and animations, depicting construction activities during the day, and hospital operations at night, together with a detailed budget and schedule, all of which was woven into a cohesive presentation. PRESWERX worked with the contractor, and its preconstruction and operations teams, to rehearse the presentation, and to refine the message, so that the most technical aspects of the delivery of the construction of this complex project, were communicated in a clear and convincing fashion.

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