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U.S. Highway 64 Widening

When a national civil engineering firm that specialized in road and highway design was trying to break-in with a new Department of Transportation client, they called on Preswerx to help support that effort in a number of ways. The engineering firm had been courting the Department of Transportation, in hopes that they’d land a smaller project, that would eventually lead to a larger, mega-project type engagement.

After meeting with the Department of Transportation over a series of months, the right opportunity had finally manifested itself. But, this particular highway widening project was located in a part of the state that had historically been “forgotten about” when it came to roadway and highway improvements. For that reason, the Department of Transportation shared the importance of community outreach – as proposed improvements were going to necessitate a right-of-way taking that would most certainly draw the attention of those both in favor, and in opposition, to the planned improvements.

PRESWERX was engaged to depict the highway widening project, inclusive of the right-of-way / property lines of the adjoining parcels impacted by the planned project. PRESWERX thoughtfully delivered an interactive “overlay-slider” experience, both in the form of a pre-rendered animation, as well as, in a navigable ‘real-time’ PC-based 3D model.

The engineer was able to take both the aforementioned pre-rendered animation, and the navigable ‘real-time’ PC-based 3D model, together with a PRESWERX-produced public outreach “informational” video, and bring said deliverables to the Department of Transportation, to demonstrate the firm’s capabilities and commitment to ensuring that the public outreach aspects of the project were not simply an after-thought. Having earned the attention of the Department of Transportation, the engineer was able to better navigate the more technical and malleable aspects of the project through a series of Alternative Technical Concept (ATC) meetings.

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