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As a graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Finance, I’ve always loved the “dollars and cents” end of the A/E/C business. Costs still play a significant role in the selection of architects and contractors, and I’ve leveraged my expertise in finance to bring innovative and creative approaches to advancing my clients delivery of preconstruction and other cost-driven services. Helping my clients develop not only their presentation message, but more critically, helping them to deliver on a process that provides better project budgeting, cost control and cashflow management, has proven most valuable to their clients.

I was fortunate enough to have played collegiate football, on full scholarship, while attending Florida Atlantic University, and the self-discipline and life experience of having done that proudly, now serves as the foundation to my delivery of PRESWERX services. Commitment to mastering the fundamentals, placing special emphasis on practices, and striving for clarity and confidence in the delivery of the message, and of the services, are the guiding principles I impart to my clients on a daily basis.

When not winning projects(!), I spend most of my free time reading books, working out, listening to business and A/E/C industry podcast, and investing. I believe that every person should have an outlet to challenge themselves mentally, to improve themselves physically, and to express themselves creatively, and fortunately, PRESWERX has allowed me to accomplish all of those things!

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