The State of Building Information Modeling in Construction

July 22, 2017


Building Information Modeling is the process of building a 3D computer model that represents the current construction project long before the actual construction process begins. Building Information Modeling is much more time- and cost-effective than creating physical models, with many of the same perks, such as being able to identify potential problems in the construction project before it begins by allowing everyone to see the same construction logistics plan at the same time. This can help to clarify expectations and construction goals with the visualization of an architect's plan.


Current Software and Related Technologies

Fortunately, many software programs have emerged to make the process of Building Information Modeling much easier. AutoCAD is probably one of the most loved and well-known software programs architects, engineers and construction managers use. However, it's not the only option available to help you create realistic models that you can use to better understand upcoming construction projects. There are other options, such as Infraworks, Navisworks and 3DS Max, that are equally as helpful.


There are also secondary software programs and services intended to simplify the entire process so you can just focus on the construction project you're currently working on. For example, services Preswerx can help you create proposals and presentations that make a difference in the number of new projects you're able to close. Plus, Preswerx can even complete Building Information Modeling tasks if you don't have someone on staff who is able to do so.


Challenges With Building Information Modeling

There are a few challenges that currently impact how many construction projects are able to use Building Information Modeling to their advantage. One of these challenges is not knowing how to use industry standard software programs or not having access to them. With so much functionality available in these programs, it's understandable that you may not know how to use everything.


Keeping up with industry trends, attending training programs and reading through tips is a great best practice to start. With Bimwerx, you can find highly relevant content for how to use the programs that enable you to complete Building Information Modeling tasks. You can learn new features and apply them to your own projects.

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