Successful Construction Presentations Are Built on These Three Things

July 22, 2017


If you're like the nearly 70 percent of workers surveyed by Prezi, you know that good presentation skills are the key to success at your job. In the construction industry, the right presentation will help you land stimulating new projects while building your own reputation. While there are plenty of tips and tricks that will help you craft an excellent presentation, every presentation you give should be founded on the following three things.


1. Storytelling

Presentations built on stories and storytelling techniques help your audience emotionally connect with your proposal while building your own credibility. The best stories are both personal and authentic, but you shouldn't be afraid to use humor to keep your audience's attention. Being able to craft the right story helps others believe that you can deliver the solution to their problem. Storytelling can also help you recruit better people and manage your public relations effectively.


2. Confidence

Presenter confidence is the natural by-product of having a well-rehearsed presentation that is targeted to your audience. To effectively build and critique your presentation, consider filming yourself with your smartphone as you pitch your proposal. Taping yourself will help you assess your word choice, voice control and body language. Also, don't make the mistake of memorizing your presentation, which can make even good presentations seem forced. Instead, work from an outline and concentrate on using a casual, focused delivery.


3. Information Delivery

The construction industry is a highly technical field, so it's important that you can communicate your specific approach to building the project without losing your audience. Before you give any presentation, you should carefully research your audience to determine exactly how much technical information you should include. Exclude information that doesn't fit your key objective of explaining how you intend to build the project. Also, keep highly technical data on slides at the end of the presentation. Then, as you answer questions, you can refer to the more technical data as necessary.


Delivering a good presentation is a learnable skill that requires regular practice. When practicing your pitching skills, remember to apply a growth mindset: You can develop excellent presentation prowess if you're willing to work hard, solicit constructive criticism and use proven pitching methods. But once you've invested in developing your presentation skills, you'll be able to reap the rewards throughout your entire professional career.

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