Using Visualization Tools to Master Plan Cities and Ignite Redevelopment

July 22, 2017


City planning can be a huge undertaking, especially when it comes to restoring and reimagining areas that can be neglected. Even after you put in the hard work of crafting a vision of redeveloping blighted communities, your job is not yet complete - you also have to convince community stakeholders that your proposal is the right move - especially, the right economic move - for the city. While your own expertise and skill in city planning is key to making a persuasive appeal for your design, stakeholders and community leaders often need greater visual detail to fully embrace your vision.


One valuable tool for demonstrating your concepts in a more visual and even realistic way is through high-quality 3D renderings and detailed animations. These advanced image tools give your target viewers a much clearer picture of the completed result of the project you are proposing, allowing them to experience your vision in a far more life-like manner than traditional city maps and architectural drawings.


Lumion is one example of a tool that makes it easy to create life-like renders of your city and community designs, adding trees, people and other effects that bring your vision to life. It's these kinds of small but important details that take your design from concept to reality in the minds of the stakeholders that you need to convince.


Another visualization that can aid in planning cities and redevelopment projects - and getting the backing needed to pursue them - is virtual reality. Architects and city governments are already using VR applications to create immersive mockups of redevelopment plans. Taking the ideas from drawing to VR experience provides a better understanding of how your plans will look and feel when complete.


City planning and area redevelopment projects have to engage community stakeholders and receive the needed economic support to be successful. Modern technology like Lumion and virtual reality applications allow you to share your plans in ways that weren't available before - allowing you to not only craft a more realistic picture of an area's potential but share that vision more accurately with others.

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