Congratulations, you’ve been invited to give a presentation on that project you’ve been pursuing! Now it’s time to book Preswerx! Please ONLY book the date and time of your actual presentation! Do NOT book rehearsals/practices through this booking page (we'll coordinate scheduling those with you and your team separately). If we haven't yet talked about this presentation, we'll be calling you shortly!

Why do we have a "Presentation Day Bookings" page? If you've watched our videos that describe the services we provide to contractors, architects, engineers and developers, you probably noticed that we really "lean-in" to support our clients with their presentations. Servicing our clients on and just before their critical presentation is our highest priority. Because our clients are almost always notified first when they've been invited to give a presentation, we ask that they immediately book that date and time with us so we here at Preswerx can begin working our schedules around that presentation.